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As much as we hoped for a ray of hope, it looks like Halloween is going to be quite different this year. Yes, you may still get yourself a costume but that blowout party you were thinking of going to will most likely be held on Zoom. Trick-or-treating also sounds... tricky. 管我们都希望能有一U希望,但今q的万圣节似乎要大不一样了。是的,你可能还会给自己C套服装,但你惛_的派对很可能会在Zoom上D行。不l糖捣׃听v?hellip;手? Many traditional Halloween activities can be high-risk for spreading viruses, the CDC warned, advising people to plan alternate ways to participate in the celebration. 国疄控制与预防中心警告说Q许多传l的万圣节活动可能是传播病毒的高风险zdQ徏议h们计划其他方式来参加庆祝zd? The CDC said it would be a good idea to avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters, and give them treats outside. To do so, you can set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take. You should also wash your hands before handling treats, and, of course, wear a mask! 国疄控制与预防中心表C,最好避免与“不给p就捣蛋”的孩子直接接触,q在室外l他们糖吃。要做到q一点,你可以设立一个小站,让孩子们带着自己袋装的零食。在处理食物之前Q你也应该洗手,当然Q还要戴口罩! However, regular face coverings might take away from the Halloween mood so we've rounded up a collection of creative masks that can serve as a costume or blend into one. Continue scrolling and check them out. 然而,普通的面具可能会破坏万圣节的气氛,所以我们收集了一l创意面P既可以用作戏服,也可以融入其中。l滚动查看它们? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 囄来源QRokas Laurinavičius ]]></description> </item><item><title>我用我的Photoshop技能来恢复古董照片 http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482991-1.html 国习惯用语Q?29 on the back burner http://www.putheti.com/show-6224-482986-1.html 比较Covid前后生活?qO?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482985-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[My 8 Comics That Compare Life Before And After Covid 比较Covid前后生活?qO? I am a designer based in San Francisco. My way of staying sane during this long period of a pandemic is to draw cartoons or in other words mini-comics. I try to come up with different types of creative projects as a way to offer some lighthearted takes and blow off some steam. 我是旧金q一名设计师。在qO长的行病时期,我保持理智的方式是画漫画Q换句话_q你漫画。我试着惛_不同cd的创意项目,作ؓ一U提供一些轻村֒发泄一些压力的方式? I think all of us could agree that the Covid-19 pandemic is inescapable. For most of us, it affects not only our daily lives, but also our professional interactions, locking down and even physically distancing our communities by drawing our anxious attention to daily updates and news on international and national statistics about the virus itself. 我想大家都会同意QCovid-19大流行是不可避免的。对我们大多Ch来说Q它不仅影响我们的日常生z,q媄响我们的专业交流Q通过让我们焦虑地x有关该病毒本w的国际和国家统计数据的每日更新和新闻,从而锁定了我们的社区,甚至在n体上疏远了我们的C֌? During these challenging times, I'd like to share some joy and humour with these mini-series of comics/cartoons I made. I hope you will like them just as much as I enjoyed doing them! 在这充满挑战的时刻,我想用这些我制作的迷你系列OL分n一些快乐和q默。我希望你会喜欢它们Q就像我喜欢d们一? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 囄来源Qirina blok More info: irinablok.com | Instagram | twitter.com ]]></description> </item><item><title>?9世纪的弗吉尼亚,q些巨大的球被用来开采黄?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-138-482984-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[These Massive Balls Were Used To Mine Gold In 19th-Century Virginia ?9世纪的弗吉尼亚,q些巨大的球被用来开采黄? While history is chock-full of interesting tidbits of knowledge on famous historical figures, landmarks and locations, buildings, and significant events, it recalls some stranger things as well. Strange not only because of their execution, but because some facts were lost to the ages and remain a mystery to this day. 虽然历史充满了关于著名历史h物、地标、地炏V徏{和重大事g的趣闻轶事,但它也能让h回忆起一些更奇怪的事情。之所以奇怪,不仅是因Z们被处决了,q因为有些事实已l消׃很久Q直C天仍然是个谜? One such mystery is the Hornet Balls—gigantic spherical boulders that were found in one of the mines in Virginia. And people don’t really know what to make of them. 其中一个谜团就是大黄蜂?mdash;—在弗吉尼亚的一个矿里发现的巨大球状矛_。h们真的不知道该怎么理解它们? History’s full of weird things, including the ‘Hornet Balls’ that are on display in a Virginian museum 历史上有很多奇怪的东西Q包括弗吉尼亚博物馆展出?ldquo;大黄蜂球” As you might have guessed, the US has a rich mining history. Throughout the 19th century, there was gold rush after gold rush in the country. Mining colonies rose and thrived in random locations that today are abandoned, mere husks of what once was. 你可能已l猜CQ美国有着丰富的矿业历双Ӏ整?9世纪Q这个国家出C一ơ又一ơ的淘金热。在一些如今被遗弃的地方矿业殖民地兴vq繁荣,但现在仅仅是曄的外壟? So, in 1998, the Monroe Park and the Gold Mining Camp Museum opened its doors in Goldvein, Virginia to show off the state’s impressive gold mining history. The park itself is not a mining site, but over 18 abandoned mines can be found in the county. 因此Q在1998q_门罗公园和金矿开采营博物馆在弗吉g州的金脉开放,以展C州o人印象深ȝ金矿开采历双Ӏ公园本wƈ不是一个矿场,但是在这个县可以发现18个以上的废弃矿场? The Gold Mining Camp Museum found these a while back in a mine around a mile away from its premises 金矿开采营博物馆在一英里外的一个矿场发Cq些 What it does do, however, is try to mimic a mining camp from the early 1900s by having an authentic bunkhouse, a mess hall, and an assay office following the Virginian mine aesthetic of the times. 然而,它所做的是试图模?0世纪初的采矿营地Q拥有一个真正的工棚、一个食堂和一个符合当时弗吉尼亚矿山审的化验办公室? One of its exhibits, namely a pair of mining artifacts, have been drawing the internet’s fancy recently—massive Hornet Balls that were salvaged from the Liberty Mine ruins that are around a mile away from the park. 其中一件展品是一寚w矿手工艺品,最q吸引了互联|的x——从离公园大约一英里q的Liberty矿废墟中抢救出来的巨大黄蜂球? Specifically, these are gigantic hollow spheres that are built from reinforced concrete pasted on an iron mesh frame. They measure at 7 feet tall, about a foot and a half more than your average Joe, and over 20 feet in circumference. Each ball weighs in at around 7 tons. 具体来说Q这些巨大的I心球体是由钢筋混凝土粘在铁|框架上建造的。他们n?英尺Q比你的q_w高高出1.5英尺Q周长超q?0英尺。每个球重约7吨? While the name and their purpose are a mystery, it is believed they were used to separate gold from rock 虽然q个名字和它们的用途是一个谜Q但Z怿它们是用来从岩石中分黄金的 Now, what they were used for is a bit of a mystery. Since they were found and retrieved from an abandoned mine, it is believed that they were certainly some sort of mine implements. It is speculated that they were used as ore crushers to break off gold from the rock. 现在Q它们的用途有点神U。由于它们是在一个废弃的矿井中被发现和找回来的,Z怿它们肯定是某U矿山工兗据推测Q它们曾被用作矿石破机Q从岩石中剥黄金? As for the name, historians speculate they’re called that because of the resemblance to a hornet nest or because they make a buzzing sound when in use 至于它的名字Q历史学家们猜测Q之所以叫它是因ؓ它和马蜂H很像,或者是因ؓ它们在用时发出嗡嗡? Now, mining has come a long way since then. Today, we use heavy machinery for the most part when it comes to mining and don’t rely on strangely named implements. But it is surely a bizarre bit of mining history that shouldn’t be forgotten, if not for the historical value, then at least for the name. 从那时vQ采矿业走过了O长的道\。今天,我们在采矿时大部分用重型机梎ͼ而不依赖名字奇怪的工具。但它确实是一D不应该被遗忘的d的矿业历Ԍ如果不是因ؓ它的历史价|臛_是因为它的名字? Needless to say, some internauts found this discovery rather funny because of the name alone 更不用说Q仅仅因个名字,一些网友就觉得q个发现很有? Image credits: Sydney Rose ]]></description> </item><item><title>2020q也有好消息Q我列D了一些最好的 http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482983-1.html Z正在分np糕的室内设?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482982-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[People Are Sharing Real Estate Listings From Hell Z正在分np糕的室内设? If you've ever sold, bought, or rented property, you know what a big deal the very first impression is. One step in through the door, and you’ll feel the vibe right away. I mean, a lone sock laying on the ground is forgivable, but a shady mattress, crumbling ceiling, and some questionable shade of paint is enough to make any potential buyer run away. 如果你曾l出售、购买或U赁q房产,你就会知道第一印象是多么重要。只要迈Z步,你就会立L受到那种氛围。我的意思是Q一只孤雉的袜子h在地上是可以原谅的,但是阴暗的床垫,摇摇Ʋ坠的天花板Q还有o人生疑的Ҏ色调p以让M潜在的买安跑了? So you’d think that real estate agents would surely be nailing their property adverts with immaculate pics. You’re wrong. The blog “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos,” which collects all the bad, the ugly, and the hecking nightmares of real estate pics, is hard evidence that some agents couldn’t care less. 你认为房Cl纪定会在他们的房地产广告上钉上一不染的照片?那你错了。一个名?ldquo;可怕的房地产经Uh照片”的博客收集了所有糟p、丑陋和令h毛骨悚然的房C照片Q这有力地证明了一些房Cl纪人根本不在乎q些照片? From filthy interiors, prison-type rooms, and trashy décor to unidentifiable objects that send chills down the spine, these are the best of the very worst real estate photos. 从肮脏的室内Q监狱式的房_垃圾的装饎ͼ到让背发L难以辨认的物品,q些是最p糕的房C照片中最让h印象深刻的? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 囄来源QLiucija Adomaite More info: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | terriblerealestateagentphotos.com ]]></description> </item><item><title>我化妆和时尚造型的灵感来自我ȝ?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482981-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Makeup And Fashion Looks I Created Inspired By The Birds I Drew 我化妆和时尚造型的灵感来自我ȝ? Since April 2020, in the depths of lockdown, I have been drawing birds on request, and drawings became prints. To promote them, I began to "gently reference" the birds I'd drawn in a series of "fashion" spreads. These humorous and light-hearted shoots used my own wardrobe and makeup skills and became an intrinsic component of a project that has become known as Birds Can Fly. ?020q?月开始,在禁闭的深处Q我开始按要求画鸟Q这些画变成了版甅Rؓ了推q它们,我开?ldquo;温柔地引?rdquo;我在一pd“时尚”传播中画的鸟。这些幽默而轻杄拍摄q用了我自己的服装和化妆技巧,成ؓ了一个名?ldquo;鸟会?rdquo;的项目的内在l成部分? As soon as the lockdown in the UK was announced and in the face of cancellations and delays of most of my forthcoming work, I was bereft of motivation. I felt I had to reconsider my function as an artist during a global pandemic. Housebound and feeling emotionally blank and overwhelmed, I began to consider what work would be relevant to a changed world. 英国的禁闭一宣布Q面对即出版的大部分作品的取消和gq,我就失去了动力。在全球大流行期_我觉得我必须重新考虑自己作ؓ一名艺术家的职责。呆在家里,感觉情AI白和不知所措,我开始考虑什么工作与一个改变了的世界相兟? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 囄来源QPaul Harfleet More info: thepansyproject.com | Facebook | Instagram | twitter.com ]]></description> </item><item><title>大多Ch记得的过ȝ怀旧食?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482980-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Nostalgic Discontinued Food Items From The Past That Most People Remember 大多Ch记得的过ȝ怀旧食? The beginning of our century feels like a whole eternity away. And it kinda is, since the year 2020 has bent the time-space continuum and we’re now trapped in its never-ending limbo. Ҏ们这个世U的开始感觉就像永q一样遥q。从某种E度上说Q?020q已l改变了时空q箋体,我们现在被困在了它永不停歇的边缘? Time would pass a whole lot quicker, though, if someone would teleport some of the quirky goodness from the 2000s. From 3D Doritos to Creme Savers and Altoids Sours, these have been gone for a while now and the chances are, nobody really noticed. 不过Q如果有传送一些本世纪头十q来古怪的好东西,旉会过得快得多。从3D立体脆到奶a冰淇淋和薄荷酸G酱,q些都已l消׃一D|_而且很可能没有h真正注意到? It’s not that we cannot live without lime Skittles all of a sudden, but it would be so much better. ‘Cause if there’s something we learn in childhood, it’s a whole bunch of the most bizarre snacks of questionable nutritional value, filled with tongue-coloring edible contents all wrapped in sturdy plastic packaging. And nobody ever dared to say it's unhealthy. q不是说H然之间我们׃能没有酸彩虹糖了,但是Q这样会好很多。因为,如果说我们在童年时学C什么,那就是一大堆营养价值可疑的最奇怪的雉Q里面装满了让舌头发黄的可食用的东西Q还用坚固的塑料包装包装着。没有h敢说它不健康? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 囄来源QLiucija Adomaite ]]></description> </item><item><title>国习惯用语Q?28 at face value 从表面上?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-6224-482979-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[前些日子我在电视购物频道上看CU面霜,L白效果特别好。我赶紧C一瓶。结果用了快3个月了,一Ҏ果也没有。而且看v来挺大一Ӟ实际上里面的面霜那么一点点! 唉,我对q个产品失望透顶Q不q这也让我想C个习惯用语:at face value. At face value 的意思是“Ҏ外表Q从表面上看”。电视购物频道播q告卖面霜,I accepted all those claims about its effectiveness at face value, 我把面霜功效的广告词当真了? 下面q段话就谈到了一个很多h喜欢的消?-打电玩,到底q是不是一个健Lzd呢?我们来听一听: 例句-1QAt face value, playing video games seems like harmless fun. Yet psychologists recognize that it can be a real problem. About 8.5% of boys play for more than two hours a day. They often lose interest in other activities and people, gain weight and lose sleep. Their overuse of video games might require professional help. q段话是_从表面上看,打电玩似乎是一U完全无害的׃zd。不q,心理学家们发玎ͼ打电玩可以带来真正的问题。大U百分之8?的男孩子每天打电玩超q两时Q他们经怼对其它的zd和h失去兴趣Q还会长胖,~少睡眠。他们过分沉溺在늎中,可能需要专业h士帮助才能脱瘾? 听说现在有专门的ȝ中心Q帮助这些打늎成瘾的h? ****** p里有个谚语,叫looks can be deceiving, 意思是“外表可能会骗?rdquo;。这让我惛_2008q美国ȝ大选共和党的副ȝ候选h佩林。她现在虽然不当州长了,但写书、上电视Q忙得很。从表面上看Q她人气很旺Q可是最q一个民调结果却昄Q美国h对她q不怎么喜欢Q就q她老家阿拉斯加的民众对她也q不热情。这也许又证明了Q凡事不能看表面。我们来听一听下面这个句子: 例句-2: We were shocked when Ms. Rogers suddenly retired. The new CEO claimed that she had decided to spend more time with her family. But I didn't take that explanation at face value. Before long, we discovered the truth: Ms. Rogers had been forced out of her position by her successor. q段话意思是Q罗杰斯奛_H然宣布退休时Q我们都吃了一惊。新的行政总裁_|杰斯女士退休是惌更多的时间陪安人。不q,我可没把q种说法当真。不久,我们发C真相Q罗杰斯奛_是被她的lQ者挤兑走的? 办公室里常有q样的争斗和勑ֿ斗角Q还好,我和我老板关系很不? ]]></description> </item><item><title>国习惯用语Q?27 at all costs 不惜M代h http://www.putheti.com/show-6224-482978-1.html 我把我的门变成了一张古老的中世U地图,上面有怪物和超自然的生?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482977-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[I Turned My Door Into An Antique Medieval Map With Monsters And Supernatural Creatures 我把我的门变成了一张古老的中世U地图,上面有怪物和超自然的生? After being locked up for several months, I decided to decorate my door with miniature monsters from medieval times. Somehow, along the way, it became a medieval map full of symbolism, some carefully planted Easter eggs, and overall a filled canvas with various references that can leave one more than just curious. 在被关了几个月之后,我决定用中世U的怪物来装饰我的门。不知怎的Q它变成了一q充满象征意义的中世U地图,一些精心种植的复活节彩蛋,以及一q充满了各种参考的dQ让Z仅仅是好奇? The monsters that filled this door canvas are not only from Europe, but also from other continents too. Therefore, that’s why it took me a while to fill in the map as I took a lot of references from various cultures from around the world. q扇门上的怪物不仅来自Ƨ洲Q也来自其他大陆。因此,q就是ؓ什么我׃一D|间来填充q张地图Q因为我从世界各地的不同文化中得C很多参考? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 囄来源QMario Yaír T.S. ]]></description> </item><item><title>我国新冠疫苗最新进展:6万h已接U,未收C重不良反应报?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-8484-482961-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[10?0日,国务院联防联控机制召开新闻发布会,外交部、科技部、国家卫生健康委、国家药监局{有兌责h与专家介l了我国新冠疫苗最新情c? 4?1日,工作人员在国药集团中国生物新冠疫苗生产基地质量检定部门对新型冠状病毒灭活疫苗样品q行杂质?囄来源Q新华社) China currently has 13 vaccine candidates in clinical trials, of which three inactivated vaccines and one adenovirus vector vaccine are in phase three trials, and about 60,000 volunteers have been inoculated with the four vaccine candidates, said Tian Baoguo, deputy head of the Department of Science and Technology for Social Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology. U技部社会发展科技司副叔RC国介l,目前我国已有13个疫苗进入床阶Dc其中,灭活疫苗和腺病毒载体疫苗两种技术\U共4个疫苗进入三期床。截至目前,pU?万名受试者接U? 【单词讲解? 关于“疫苗”的几个词Qvaccine是“疫苗”本nQvaccinate是“注射疫苗、接U疫?rdquo;q个动作Q而其名词形式vaccination是“接种疫苗”qg事。上文中用到的inoculate在表C?ldquo;接种(疫苗)”q个意思的时候与vaccinate是可以互换用的Q其名词形式是inoculationQ不qinoculateq可以表C?ldquo;灌输(思想)”Q常用的搭配是inoculate someone withQ比如:The teacher inoculated them with the idea that the individual can always make a difference in this world.(老师l他们灌输的思想是,个h是可以给q个世界带来改变的? Ⅲ期临床试验l果是验证疫苗保护力(vaccine-induced protection)国际公认的有效性指标。田保国介绍Q目前进入Ⅲ期床试验的新冠病毒疫苗Q发生的不良反应基本度不良反?mild adverse reactions)Q比如接U部位局部疼痛、红?pain and swelling at the injection site)Q以及一q性的低烧、发热等? 今年q底我国疫苗产能或达6.1亿剂 国家卫生健康委科技发展中心MQ郑忠伟介l, The nation's annual COVID-19 vaccine production capacity could reach 610 million doses this year and it will expand further next year. 预计今年q底我国疫苗的能能辑ֈ6.1亿剂。明q我国新冠疫苗的q能,在此基上有效扩大? 【单词讲解? Capacityq个词通常表示“定w;(生)能力”Q比如,The stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000.(q个体育馆能容纳5万名观众);We have enough production capacity to ensure equitable access to a COVID-19 vaccine. (我们有够的产能保新冠疫苗公^分配)。这几年的《政府工作报告》中l常提到?ldquo;三去一降一?rdquo;包?ldquo;M?rdquo;Q完整的说法是:M能、去库存、去杠杆、降成本、补短板(cutting overcapacity, destocking, deleveraging, reducing costs and fixing weak links)? 作ؓ全球公共产品优先向发展中国家提供 China is proactively fulfilling its promise of making COVID-19 vaccines a global public good and promoting equitable access to safe and effective vaccines. 中国一直在U极履行新冠疫苗作为全球公׃品以及推动安全有效疫苗的公^分配q个承诺? On Oct 8, China joined COVAX, an initiative co-led by the WHO and partners to ensure efficient and equitable global access to a COVID-19 vaccine. As of Tuesday, 184 countries and regions have joined the initiative. 10?日,中国加入了由世界卫生l织及其合作伙伴共同牵头成立?ldquo;新冠肺炎疫苗实施计划”Q旨在确保新冠肺炎疫苗在全球范围内有效公q_配。截?0?0日,已有184个国家和地区加入该计划? 【相兌汇? 药品和疫苗研?drug and vaccine development 随机试验 random trial 双盲试验 double-blind trial 安慰剂对照试?placebo-controlled trial 免疫pȝ immune system ]]></description> </item><item><title>每日一词∣教育评h攚w http://www.putheti.com/show-8484-482960-1.html 我创造了q个巨型机器人来安全地在万圣节分发糖?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-138-482959-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[I Created This Giant Robot To Safely Hand Candy Out This Halloween 我创造了q个巨型机器人来安全地在万圣节分发糖? The year 2020 has been interesting, to say the least, so it’s not surprising that Halloween is a bit different too. Last year, my husband, toddler, and I dressed up as pirates and handed out goodie bags and glow sticks. But this year, like many other folks, we decided to go for a more hands-off approach by adhering to social distancing guidelines. 臛_可以q么_2020q是很有的一q_所以万圣节也有些许不同也就不为奇了。去q_我还在蹒跚学步的丈夫和我装扮成v盗,分发p果袋和荧光。但是今q_像其他许多h一P我们军_采取一U更不干涉的方式Q遵循社交距L南? This candy holder is made out of cardboard boxes and is almost 8 feet tall. It has an acrylic window that displays all the candy capsules. The capsules rest on a ramp and continuously roll towards the tray as the tray is being emptied. Thought this would be a great idea to maintain social distancing while trick or treating! q个p果盒是用硬U盒做成的,差不多有8英尺高。它有一个显C所有糖果胶囊的丙烯酸窗口。胶囊停留在一个斜坡上Qƈ持箋滚动到托盘上直到被清I。我觉得q是个好LQ可以在?ldquo;不给p就捣蛋”的游戏时保持C交距离! I had some cardboard boxes lying around from our recent move, which gave me the perfect opportunity to use them to make the giant cardboard robot 我有一些纸板箱Q因为我们最q搬Ӟq给了我一个完的Z来用它们来刉巨大的U板机器h I packed candy in capsules a month ahead and “quarantined” them so there was no risk of them being contaminated. Each two-inch capsule fit one fun-size Oreo chocolate and one robot tattoo. 我提前一个月糖果包装成胶囊Qƈ对它们进?ldquo;隔离”Q这样就没有受到污染的风险。每个两英寸的胶囊装上了一个有大的奥利奥y克力和一个机器hUn? When building the robot, I didn’t realize how big it would turn out to be! 造机器h的时候,我没有意识到它会有多? It is almost 8 feet tall and towers over my 3-year-old. I made the head detachable just so we could take it in and out of the house! 它几乎有8英尺高,过了我3岁的孩子。我把它的头做成可拆卸的Q这h们就可以把它带进带出房子? Here is a closer look at the window on the robot q是q距观察机器h的样? I added a Trick/Treat meter right above it. Deciding which font to use took me some time! I tried swirly letters, block letters and in the end, settled for a font similar to Rae Dunn letters. A simple font was the best way to go! 我在它上面加了一个恶作剧/Ƒ־计量器。决定用哪U字体花了我不少旉!我试q旋转字母,大写字母Q最后,我选择了类gRae Dunn字母的字体。简单的字体是最好的选择! The back of the robot has an opening to put in all the candy capsules. The claws were secured to the dryer duct vent using zip ties and later strung up to the ceiling with a white cord. 机器人的后面有一个开口,可以放进所有的p果胶囊。这些爪子被用拉铄在烘q机的风道通风口上Q之后又用一根白l_吊在天花板上? And finally, here’s what it looks like at night! 最后,q是它在晚上的样? I still have to add more lights to the yard, but this is it for now. Also, the capsules will be put into the robot on Halloween, in case you noticed the window being empty. 我还需要给院子增加更多的灯Q但现在p些了。此外,胶囊在万圣节时攑օ机器人,以防你注意到H户是空的? The finishing touch was the lighted banner 点睛之笔是点燃的旗帜 I used white cardboard as a background. The letters were cut out of the remaining flaps of the mover’s boxes. I spray-painted them and used a circular sponge for the polka dots. The entire sign was framed using the leftover cardboard from the TV box and was later painted blue. I used globe string lights and inserted them into the “frame.” 我用了白色的纸板作景。这些字母是从搬q工的箱子上剩下的盖子上剪下来的。我h了它们,用一个圆形的L做了圆点。整个广告牌是用电视盒剩下的U板pv来的Q后来被漆成了蓝艌Ӏ我使用球Ş串灯q将它们插入“框架”中? 囄来源QNat C More info: thehomedecorgirl.com ]]></description> </item><item><title>日本插画家将动物和蔬菜组合成可爱的童话生?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482949-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Japanese Illustrator Combines Animals And Vegetables To Make Adorable Fairy-Tale Creatures 日本插画家将动物和蔬菜组合成可爱的童话生? This artist creates adorable animals based on foods and vegetables. Known on Instagram as PonkichiM, the artist uses their skills to make cute and lovable concepts of what would happen if vegetables suddenly started barking or meowing. q位艺术家以食物和蔬菜ؓ基础创造出可爱的动物。这位艺术家在Instagram上被UCؓPonkichiMQ他用他们的技巧制作出了一些可q概念Q描l出如果蔬菜H然开始吠叫或喵叫会发生什么? The designs look amazing and very creative—like the creatures came straight out of a fantasy book or alien planet. The text next to the drawings explains why eating certain foods is good for you and some facts about them, which is a good way for children to learn about food and its nutrients. q些设计看v来非常棒Q非常有创意——像q些生物直接从一本奇qMc或外星星球中诞生一栗图L边的文字解释了ؓ什么吃某些食物对你有好处以及一些关于它们的事实Q这是孩子了解食物及其营ȝ好方法? What do you think of these reimaginations? Would you like to have one as a pet? Tell us in the comments and vote for your favorite one! Don't forget to show some love to the artist on their social media. And click here if you want to see the artist's previous work. 你怎么看待q些重新惌?你想M只做宠物?在评Z告诉我们QƈZ最喜欢的一个投?别忘了在他们的社交媒体上向他们表达你的爱。如果你想看艺术家以前的作品Q请点击q里? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 囄来源QPonkichiM More info: twitter.com | Instagram ]]></description> </item><item><title>2020q万圣节的装饰既有趣又吓?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482936-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Halloween Decorations Of The Year 2020 That Are Both Funny And Frightening 2020q万圣节的装饰既有趣又吓? Before you set out on a mission to browse the attic for the same Halloween decoration props you reuse every year and pretend they're still as good as in 2015, let me tell you something. The world has changed. Things got a whole lot more scary this year. And from what we’ve seen happening in 2020 so far, the Jack-o'-lantern ain’t gonna do much in the spooky department. 在你开始在阁楼里浏览你每年都会重复使用的万圣节装饰道具Q假装它们和2015q一样好之前Q让我告诉你一件事。世界已l改变了。今q的情况更加可怕。从2020q到目前为止我们所看到的情冉|看,南瓜灯在惊悚斚w不会有太大作用? That’s why people are taking Halloween decorating to a whole new level. Remember the iconic “this is fine” meme from KC Green’s 2013 webcomic “On Fire” that has been surfing all over the internet lately? Apparently, someone just turned their house into the meme for Halloween. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. q就是ؓ什么h们把万圣节装饰提升到一个全新的水^。还记得KC Green 2013q的|络漫画《On Fire》中那句标志性的“this is fine”?q部漫画最q在|上疯传。显Ӟ有h把他们的房子变成了万圣节的米姆。但q只是冰׃角? Below, we compiled some of the most relevant, painfully funny, and plain damn spooky Halloween decoration ideas from creative people nailing the haunted night. I mean, this year has been like one big Halloween night, so we had a lot of time to master the bad and the ugly. 下面Q我们整理了一些最相关、最有趣、最令h毛骨悚然的万圣节装饰创意Q这些创意来自那些在闚w之夜钉钉子的创意人士。我的意思是Q今q就像一个盛大的万圣节之夜,所以我们有很多旉来掌握坏的和丑陋的? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 囄来源QViktorija Gabulaitė ]]></description> </item><item><title>Z分n“如果……会发生什么?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482918-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[People Are Sharing “What Happens If…” Z分n“如果……会发生什?rdquo; Our brains are naturally curious things. But no matter whether we like it or not, they usually crave finding out some really weird stuff. Instead of loving that lonely book you promised yourself to read in January, or enjoying the history paper for tomorrow’s class, they wander mysterious ways. 我们的大脑天生就充满好奇心。但不管我们喜不喜欢Q它们通常都望发C些非常奇怪的东西。他们没有去爱那本你承诺在一月䆾要读的孤独的书,也没有去享受明天译֠上的历史论文Q而是走着秘的\? If it was their choice, trust me, our brains would love to find out what will happen to a spoon after years of stirring the same soup or if you put a marker in a hot oven, or if you leave a banana for months to sit on an office table before you leave for quarantine… Call it odd, random, irrelevant, but that doesn't change the fact that we secretly love learning all the what ifs, especially the most absurd ones. 如果q是他们的选择Q相信我Q我们的大脑会很想知道多q搅拌同一U汤后勺子会发生什么变化,或者如果你在热烤箱里放一支记LQ或者如果你把一栚w蕉在办公室桌子上放了几个月,然后d去隔?hellip;…你可以把它说的奇怪、随意、无关紧要,但这q不能改变一个事实,那就是我们内心喜Ƣ知道所有的如果Q尤其是那些最荒谬的如果? In order to save you from odd looks and the potential dangers some of these experiments could bring, Bored Panda has compiled a whole bunch of photos that perfectly illustrate our lives—full of what ifs and I told yous. Z不让你看到奇怪的表情以及q些实验可能带来的潜在危险,Bored Panda|站整理了一l照片,完美地诠释了我们的生z?mdash;—里面全是“如果”?ldquo;?rdquo;告诉你的事情? #1 What Happens When You Use The Same Shovel To Plant 90,000ish Trees 用同一把铲子种9万棵树会发生什? #2 This Is What Happens If You Swing A String Of Glow Sticks With Burning Steel Wool At The End q是如果你摆动一串发光棒Q末端有燃烧的钢丝绒后发生的事情 #3 This Is What Happens If Your Cell Phone Vibrates While Trying To Take A Picture Of The Chicago Skyline 如果你想拍一张芝加哥天际U的照片Ӟ手机震动了,׃发生q种情况 #4 What Happens If My Black Shirt Gets Crammed In The Back Of My Car Under The Sun For Years 如果我的黑衬衫在车后座晒了好多年Q会发生什? #5 This Is What Happens If I Do Not Eat An Artichoke Right Away 如果我不马上吃掉z蓟Q就会发生这U情? #6 What Happens If You Leave A Coconut In The Freezer 如果你把椰子攑֜冰箱里会发生什? #7 What Happens If Tourists Don't Touch Bamboo During Quarantine And It Grows On Its Own 如果游客在检疫期间不竹子,竹子׃自己生长Q这是l果 #8 What Happens If You Blink Faster Than The Shutter On Your Camera 如果你眨眼的速度过了相机的快门会发生什? #9 What Happens If There's A Storm So Intense It Literally Picks Up And Moves The Road 如果一场暴风雨非常猛烈Q它真的卯vq移动了道\Q会发生什? #10 What Happens If I Refill My Soap Container With Clear Soap 如果我把肥皂容器装满q净的肥皂会发生什? 囄来源QInga Korolkovaite ]]></description> </item><item><title>自己在罐子里U豆?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-138-482903-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Grow Your Own Sprouts in a Jar 自己在罐子里U豆? Ancient Chinese physicians were prescribing sprouts curatively over 5,000 years ago and 18th century sea captains employed them to prevent scurvy on long passages. They can be grown easily and quickly in any climate and don’t rely on soil or sun. They require few resources and create no waste. Plus they have tremendou health benefits and don’t require cooking. What’s not to admire? And if you’re caught up on the hippie-food factor, just recast them as haute microgreens and you’re all set. Basically, they are perfect. 早在5000q前Q中国古代的ȝ开始用豆芽作ؓ处方Q?8世纪的船长也用豆芽来预防镉K道的坏血病。它们在M气候条件下都能L快速生长,不需要土壤或阛_。它们只需要很的资源Q不产生费。而且它们对健h很大的好处,而且不需要烹饪。有什么不值得慕的呢?如果你喜Ƣ嬉皮士的食物,只要把它们改造成高的微型蔬菜就行了。基本上Q它们是完美的? NoDerog / Getty Images What you’ll need 你需要什? Wide-mouthed jars; you can used canning jars or reuse jars you have, making sure they’ve been cleaned and sanitized. q口?你可以用罐装罐或重复用你的罐子,保他们已经清洁和消毒? Mesh or cheesecloth and something to secure it to the jar (as in, a rubber band). If you use a canning jar, you can place the mesh on top and secure it by screwing on just the ring part of the lid. {网或纱布和固定在罐子上的东?如橡皮筋)。如果你使用|装Q你可以把网眼放在顶部,通过拧上盖子的环部分来固定它? Seeds. U子 Selecting the seeds 选择U子 There are the usual suspects – alfalfa and mung beans (from which common bean sprouts come) – but there are many other options. Try radish, lentils, mustard, soy beans, beets, peas, broccoli, sunflower and wheat berries, to name just a few. 有一些常见的选择——紫花苜蓿和绿?常见豆芽的来?——但也有很多其他的选择。D例来_试着吃萝卜,扁豆Q芥末,黄豆Q甜菜,豌豆Q花椰菜Q向日葵和小麦浆果? The important thing here is that you purchase seeds that are specifically for sprouting; they will be labeled. These chemical-free seeds have been cleaned and are pathogen-free. Commercially grown sprouts have been the cause of illness outbreaks in the past (primarily salmonella and e. Coli), generally because of contaminated seeds; so make sure yours are intended for sprouting. To address safety concerns, the University of California recommends only using certified pathogen-free seeds for srpouting (good sources for such include Burpee Seed and and Sprout People). q里最重要的是你购买的U子是专门用来发芽的;它们会被贴上标签。这些不含化学成分的U子已经被清z过Q也没有M致病性。过去,商业U植的豆芽是疄爆发的原?主要是沙门氏菌和大肠杆菌)Q通常是因污染的种?所以要保你买的种子是用来发芽的。ؓ了解军_全问题,加州大学只用经q认证的无病原体U子q行srpouting(良好的来源包括BurpeeU子和发芽h)? Sanitize your jars and prepare the seeds in a very clean area ... not amidst a dirty kitchen or near pets and high household traffic. l你的罐子消毒,把种子准备在一个干净的地斏V不要在脏兮兮的厨房里,或者宠物的附近Q或者家庭交通拥挤的地方? Drain the seeds and rinse them, then drain again. Find an area out of direct sunlight and place the jars upside-down, but at an angle to allow drainage and air-circulation through the mesh. You can get a custom sprouting rack or try a dish rack or just a bowl. 沥干U子q冲z,然后再次沥干。找一个没有阳光直的地方Q把|子倒着放,但要有一定的角度Q让雨水和空气通过滤网通。你可以C个定制的发芽Ӟ或者尝试一个菜Ӟ或者仅仅是一个碗? julie deshaies / Shutterstock Give them a final rinse and allow them to drain very well in a colander, removing any unsprouted seeds. Once they are dry, store them in a covered bowl and use within a week. All sprouts can be eaten raw, and all but the most delicate (like alfalfa) can be gently cooked as well. 最后冲z一下,让它们在滤锅里沥qԌL所有未发芽的种子。一旦它们变qԌ它们储存在有盖的碗中,q在一周内使用。所有的豆芽都可以生吃,除了最_致的豆?比如苜蓿)Q也可以用文火煮熟? ]]></description> </item><item><title>2020下半q英语四U报名官|入?p四报名官网入口在哪?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7910-482902-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[   2020下半q英语四U报名官|入?p四报名官网入口在哪?   2020q下半年p四报名工作已经开展,很多伙伴不知道p四报名官网入口在哪儿,听力译֠为大家找C报名入口Q? 2020下半q英语四U报名官|入?   2020q下半年p四考试旉Q?   W试Q  12-12 上午   口语Q  11-21 Q点M图,可直接进入英语四U考生d界面Q?   2020q下半年p四考试报名提示Q?   1Q报名未开始前Q考生可进行注册及学籍信息验证操作Q具体报名时间以各学校通知为准?   2Q请在报名完成后24时内完成缴费,q再ơ登录系l确认是否报名成功,如有疑问可拨打客服电话进行咨询?   听力译֠提醒各位考生Q大学英语四U报名ƈ没有l一入口Q报名方式一般ؓ班l一报名或在|上报名Q报名网址为院校的教务处或教育考试院网站。报名具体方法请以院校或考试院的报名通知为准?   以学校ؓ单位自愿参加Q集体报?考试日若考生在外地实习,仍应在所在学校报名?   报名截止后,不再接受报名? ]]></description> </item><item><title>现实生活中的长发公主w高5英尺9英寸Q?5q没剪过头发?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482901-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Real-Life Rapunzel With 5 Ft 9 In Hair Hasn’t Had A Haircut In 15 Years 现实生活中的长发公主w高5英尺9英寸Q?5q没剪过头发? 31-year-old Stefanie Classen is dubbed the real-life German Rapunzel. It’s not like she needs to actually let it down the castle so that the charming prince could climb it, but she has definitely the dream hair of many little girls that attracts lots of attention. At an incredible length of 5 ft 9 in, her hair is three inches longer than she is. Stefanie started her fascinating hair journey at 16 years old and has not seen a hairdresser in 15 years. 31岁的Stefanie Classen被称为现实版的d国长发公丅R虽然她q不需要把头发放下来让白马王子爬上去,但她的头发绝Ҏ很多女孩都喜欢的,吸引了很多h的注意。她的头发有5英尺9英寸长,比她的实际n高还要长3英寸。她?6岁就开始了她迷人的发型之旅Q?5q没见过发型师了? Sharing her journey with 2,000 followers on Instagram, Classen has no plans on cutting her hair any time soon. On the contrary, she has a crazy dream of reaching 2 meters (6 ft 6 in) before settling at her ultimate goal—floor-length. As her currently ankle-length hair has been growing extremely steadily (about 1 cm a month), she might expect to wipe the floor with it! 克拉在Instagram上和2000名粉丝分享了她的旅程Q她q期q没有剪头发的计划。相反,Ҏ一个疯狂的梦想Q在最l实现目标之前,她能辑ֈ2c?6英尺6英寸)。由于她的头发一直长到脚t,而且长得非常E_(大约一个月?厘米)Q她可能会期待用它来擦地? What do you think about Stefanie’s luscious blond locks? Let us know in the comments! 你觉得她qh的金发怎么?请在评论中告诉我? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Image credits: loreleys_hairdream More info: Instagram | Facebook ]]></description> </item><item><title>q斯D名场景的q后囄 http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482900-1.html 康世?020大赛刚刚开?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482899-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[The Nikon Small World 2020 Competition Just Happened 康世?020大赛刚刚开? Nikon's annual Small World photomicrography competition aims to recognize and showcase the stunning microscopic world that's invisible to the naked eye. Mesmerizing textures, patterns, and colors are revealed in the images taken with the microscopes, offering a peek into a world that we would otherwise miss. 康一q一度的“世界显微摄影大?rdquo;旨在表嘪和展C眼看不到的o人惊叹的微观世界。这些显微镜拍摄的照片展C令h着qLU理、图案和色彩Q让我们得以一H这个我们可能会错过的世界? For the 46th time, Nikon has hosted the ever-popular competition, revealing the hidden beauty of the tiny world. Last week, its 20 gorgeous winners were finally unveiled. The top prize this year was snatched by Daniel Castranova, who captured a photo of a juvenile zebrafish with fluorescently "tagged" skeleton, scales, and lymphatic system. The photo was stitched together using more than 350 individual images that were captured with a spinning disc confocal microscope. Scroll down below to see the rest of the winners of the 2020 competition, vote for the ones you liked the most, and tell us what you think in the comments down below! 康已经丑֊?6ơ这个广受欢q的比赛Q展CZq个世界隐藏的。上周,20位杰出的获奖者终于揭晓。今q的最高奖被丹尼?middot;斯特拉诺娃摘得,他拍摄了一张带有荧光标记的骨架、鳞片和淋巴pȝ的幼q斑马鱼的照片。这张照片是用共聚焦旋{圆盘昑־镜拍摄的350多张囄拼接而成的。往下翻Q看看其?020q大赛的莯者,Z最喜欢的投,然后在下面的评论中告诉我们你的想? #1 Human hair 人的头发 Robert Vierthaler #2 Tongue (radula) of a freshwater snail 淡水蜗牛的舌? Dr. Igor Siwanowicz #3 Crystals formed after heating an ethanol and water solution 加热乙醇和水后Ş成的晶体 Justin Zoll #4 Microtubules (orange) inside a cell l胞内的微管(色) Jason Kirk #5 Embryonic development of a clownfish 丑鱼的胚胎发育 Daniel Knop #6 Connections between brain cells 大脑l胞之间的连? Jason Kirk, Quynh Nguyen #7 Multi-nucleate spores and hyphae of a soil fungus 土壤真菌的多核孢子和菌丝 Dr. Vasileios Kokkoris, Dr. Franck Stefani, Dr. Nicolas Corradi #8 Red algae U藻 Dr. Tagide deCarvalho #9 Atlas moth wing 阿特拉斯蛄膀 Chris Perani #10 Water boatman 水船? Anne Algar More info: Nikon Small World ]]></description> </item><item><title>ZL建筑Q却让它们看h更糟 http://www.putheti.com/show-7804-482898-1.html 每日一词∣量子U技 quantum science and technology http://www.putheti.com/show-8484-482892-1.html 2026qvQ含汞体温计和含汞血压计产品全面禁止生?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-8484-482891-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[q日Q国家药监局在其|站发布《国家药监局l合司关于行有关事的通知》? 湖北省宜昌市的村dl患者量血压?囄来源Q中国日? China will ban the production of mercury thermometers and sphygmomanometers nationwide starting in 2026, according to the statement. 通知指出Q自2026qvQ我国将全面止生含汞体温计和含汞血压计产品? 【单词讲解? Mercury除了在这里表C?ldquo;?水银)”之外Q首字母大写的时候Mercuryq是太阳pd大行星之一“水星”的英文名Uͼ水星也是太阳pd大行?eight planets in the solar system)中离太阳最q、体U最的行星。其他几个行星按照距d阳由q及q的序排列分别是:Venus(金星)、Earth(地球)、Mars(火星)、Jupiter(木星)、Saturn(土星)、Uranus(天王?、Neptune(L?? ThermometerM[θə(r)'mɒmɪtə(r)]Q指“温度?体温?rdquo;Q这个词由thermo和meter两部分组成,thermo表示“热的Q热力的”Q一般用作合成词的前~Q比如,thermoanalysis(热分?{,我们冬季常用的保温杯是thermos;meter在这里ƈ不是我们所熟知的距d?ldquo;c?rdquo;Q而是“计量?rdquo;Q比如,出租车上计程打表的A器就叫taxi meter。新冠肺炎疫情期间销售火爆的“额温?rdquo;是forehead thermometerQ机场、地铁用的“U外温?rdquo;是infrared-enabled thermometer? 通知提到Q? Medical equipment manufacturers with valid registration certificates and production licenses are allowed to continue their production of such medical devices and will be granted renewal of their certificates until Dec 31, 2025. 已经取得ȝ器械注册证的含汞体温计和含汞血压计产品Q原注册证在证书有效期内l箋有效Q注册证有效期届满可以申请gl注册,但限定其注册证有效期不得过2025q?2?1日? In terms of those who are in the process of acquiring production certification, the administration still will issue registration certificates and production licenses in accordance with the regulation, with the validity period not exceeding Dec 31, 2025. 已经按照ȝ器械受理的含汞体温计和含汞血压计产品Ql按照医疗器械进行审评审批,准予注册的,发给ȝ器械注册证,限定其注册证书有效期不得过2025q?2?1日? 【知识点? 汞俗U水Ӟ是常温下唯一呈液态的金属(metal which is liquid at ordinary temperatures)Q大量应用于各种产品和工Z。汞及其化合?mercury and its compounds)的生、用和排放会造成环境污染(environmental pollution)Q严重时引v人类和哺乳类动物经、免疫、生D系l?neural, immune and reproductive systems)的机能紊乱,其对胎儿和孕妇有较大媄响? 我国是首批加入《关于汞的水俣公U?the Minamata Convention on Mercury)的国Ӟ该公U简UCؓ 《水俣公U》,其目标是保护Z健康和环境免受汞和汞化合物h为排攑֒释放的危?to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of anthropogenic releases of mercury)。《水俣公U》得名于日本城市水俣Q?950q代后期Q水俣当地居民受到被汞污染的工业废水(the release of mercury into industrial wastewater)的毒実뀂全球通过了《关于汞的水俣公U》,以纪念因汞中毒而生的众多遇难者,q要求相兌业吸取教训。该公约通过采用现有的较好做法以及较安全替代品,Ҏ的生命周期进行管控来帮助所有国家? 【相兌汇? 工业废水 industrial wastewater 危害 adverse effects 汞化合物 mercury compounds 安全替代?safe substitutes ]]></description> </item><item><title>C订的《未成年Z护法》ؓ“少q的你”撑好法律“保护伞?/title> <link>http://www.putheti.com/show-8484-482890-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[10?7日,C订的《未成年Z护法》经十三届全国h大常委会W二十二ơ会议表决通过Q自2021q??日v施行? 中国日报Q金? The amended Law on Protection of Minors has almost twice as many clauses as the old version of the law and includes a new chapter on internet protection in a bid to protect those under the age of 18 when they are online. C订的《未成年Z护法》比现行法律增加了近一倍条ƾ,q新?ldquo;|络保护”章,以保护未成年人网l安全? 【单词讲解? Minorq个词用法很多,可以用作动词、名词和形容词。在法律上,minor指未?8岁的人,?ldquo;未成qh”。在学校里,minor可以?ldquo;辅修(评)”或?ldquo;辅修?rdquo;Q与major(专业)相对Q比如,I'm minoring in computer science./Computer science is my minor.(我辅修计机U学?用作形容词的时候,minor也是与major相对的,表示“ơ要的、轻微的、小?rdquo;Q比如,She played a number of minor roles in films.(她在电媄里扮演过一些小角色? Underage和minor都表C?ldquo;未成q?rdquo;Q二者的区别在于Qunderage是Ş容词Q表C?ldquo;is legally too young to do something”Q也是“未到法定q龄?rdquo;Q比如:underage youth(未成qh)、underage drinking(未成qh饮酒行ؓ){?而minor是名词,与adult相对Q大家应该都很熟悉了Q比如:cigarette sales to minors are not allowed(止向未成年人销售香?? 针对未成qh沉迷|络{问题,C订的《未成年Z护法》作定: Internet product and service providers shall not offer minors with products and services that induce addiction, says the revision. |络产品和服务提供者不得向未成qh提供诱导其沉qL产品和服务? Providers of online services, including game, livestream, audio and video, and social media, shall set up corresponding functions such as time limit, authorization and consumption limit for minors, according to the revision. |络游戏、网l直播、网l音视频、网l社交等|络服务提供者应当针Ҏ成年Z用其服务讄相应的时间管理、权限管理、消费管理等功能? 在应对网l欺凌方面,C订的《未成年Z护法》作定, The minors under cyberbullying and their parents and guardians have the right to inform the internet service providers to take measures such as deleting, blocking or disconnecting links. 遭受|络ƺ凌的未成年人及其父母或者其他监护h有权通知|络服务提供者采取删除、屏蔽、断开链接{措施? 【单词讲解? Cyberbullying(|络ƺ凌)Q这个概忉|的是Z通过互联|对个h或群体的恶意、重复伤完为。Bullyq个词作名词讲的时候就是指“恉Q仗势欺?rdquo;Q比如:I fell victim to the office bully.(我成了办公室恉的欺凌对?Q所以,实施|络ƺ凌的h是cyberbullyQ实施校园欺凌的人就叫school bully? Upon receiving the notice, the service provider shall take necessary measures to stop the bullying and prevent the spread of related information, says the revision. |络服务提供者接到通知后,应当及时采取必要的措施制止网l欺凌行为,防止信息扩散? 向性R和欺凌说? The revision also makes provisions on sexual assault and harassment against minors, stipulating that schools and kindergartens shall not conceal such illegal and criminal acts, and shall promptly report to the public security and education authorities, and cooperate with relevant departments according to law. ҎR実뀁性骚扰未成年人等q法犯罪行ؓQ学校、幼儿园不得隐瞒Q应当及时向公安机关、教育行攉K门报告,q合相关部门依法处理? The revised law makes it clear that the country should establish a database of offenders who sexually assault, abuse, abduct or violently harm children and share the information with facilities that work with minors. 国家建立性R実뀁虐待、拐卖、暴力伤害等q法犯罪人员信息查询pȝQ向密切接触未成qh的单位提供免Ҏ询服务? 强化各方报告义务 Hotel operators should ask children for the phone numbers of their parents or guardians when they try to check in alone or with other adults. The operators must call police quickly if they uncover a suspected crime or violation of the law. 旅馆、宾馆、酒店等住宿l营者接待未成年人入住,或者接待未成年人和成年人共同入住时Q应当询问父母或者其他监护h的联pL式等有关情况;发现有违法犯|嫌疑的Q应当立卛_公安机关报告? 【相兌汇? 未成qh权益 minor's rights and interests 未成qhw心健康 physical and mental health of youngsters 校园ƺ凌 school bullying 留守儿童 left-behind children 防沉qLl?anti-addiction system ]]></description> </item><item><title>365天英语口语之出国旅游口语 W??在飞Z http://www.putheti.com/show-10305-482865-1.html 365天英语口语之出国旅游口语 W??办理L手箋 http://www.putheti.com/show-10305-482864-1.html 365天英语口语之出国旅游口语 W??更改航班 http://www.putheti.com/show-10305-482863-1.html
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